Park your registered domain for free with our DNS hosting or use webhosting programs that offer a simple and effective solution for your personal and business sites. These packages include all the standard services for reliable performance your websites and e-mail boxes and many other benefits that are outlined below.

If you need higher parameters, please see our webhosting package STANDARD, or use our offer of UNLIMITED hosting, with which you will not have to worry about that exceeding the set limits.

DNS Parking
  • TLD domain registration (domain pricelist)
  • optional redirect to another website
  • possibility to order webhosting when you decide to run the domain

MIKRO hosting
  • Secure accessSFTP
  • 0,5 GB (500 MB) web space
  • 3 e-mail mailboxes a aliases
  • Secure webmail
  • IMAPS/POP3S mail downloading
  • PHP/5.x without SafeMode
  • Access detailed statistics
  • E-mail support and phone helpdesk

MINI Webhosting
  • Secure access SFTP
  • 1 GB (1000 MB) web space
  • 10 e-mail mailboxes and aliases
  • Secure webmail
  • IMAPS/POP3S mail downloading
  • PHP/5.x without SafeMode
  • Access detailed statistics
  • E-mail support and phone helpdesk

  • Servers are housed in our own server room, that is completely administrated by our staff. The server room is connected to the SIX by two independent optic fiber routes. More details about our data centre.
  • We use an efficient nginx web server that enables us to send a website to a browser in the shortest time possible and at the same time provides better performance and stability during rush hours.
  • All our hosting servers are automatically and regularly backed up every night, so you never lose your data. We offer to our clients consistent night backups of their SQL databases as well.
Exceptional SUPPORT
  • Support above the extent of our responsibilities, we often help our clients to optimize database issues, improve scripts and codes, while some advice & howtos can be found on our website.
CLOUD connection
  • All our webhostings are connected in the cloud, i.e. they run on multiple synchronized servers. So even after the loss of one of them, everything will continue to run without problems.
DNS servers
  • We operate several independent DNS servers in various geographical locations around the globe, thanks to which the website load time is fast from anywhere, regardless of where you are.